Confidential Document Shredding & Destruction Services

When your business needs to dispose of unwanted or end of life documentation, Box-it North Midlands offers the perfect solution, with the option of regular or one-off shredding services.

We will collect your out-of-date and unwanted documents and securely dispose of the papers you no longer need in our secure shredding unit here at North Midlands.

Once your papers have been shredded, Box-it will even give something back to the environment by planting a tree on your behalf.

Collection of documentation

Box-it will collect your documents either on demand or on a specified and arranged date – whichever is easier for you.

Using a variety of sacks or secure containers for in-house collection, we’ll take your documents away and start the shredding process immediately.

A secure and confidential system

All documents will be shredded under video surveillance within 24 hours of collection, so you can guarantee that your information will be securely disposed of.

Certificates of destruction will also be provided to follow relevant legislation and to provide you with a record of exactly which documents have been shredded.

Whilst your papers are destroyed under written contract, our efficient barcode system also ensures a fully audited document trail to keep track of your documents during every step of the process.

Recycling your documents

Box-it is committed to making a difference to the environment through our recycling initiatives.

Documents that are destroyed on your behalf will be recycled and made into new paper-based products to follow legislation on the pre-treatment of waste.

To find out more about our secure, environmentally friendly and confidential document shredding services, contact us online or call Box-it North Midlands today on 01283 815748.