Quality Business Shredding Consumables for a Growing Business

Our confidential shredding service offers businesses a chance to develop a culture of sustainability within their staff base, disposing of all paper waste in a way that is ethical and environmentally friendly.

Box-it North Midlands can pick up your paper waste on a regular basis, collecting all waste from secure receptacles and then transport them to a secure location close to your location. There, our team will dispose of your paper waste through a thorough shredding procedure, under CCTV operation. The whole task takes place within 24-hours of the paper waste being collected from your work premises.

If you are keen to take advantage of this service but want to add some security your end through a secure collection box, we have a range of shredding consumables that you might be interested in.

Boxes – Our boxes are sold in flat-pack form, ten at a time. They are double skinned and simple to put together. We have a range of sizes, with a 16kg weight limit, and the boxes are ideal should they be required to be moved regularly.

Shredding Sacks – We can supply shredding sacks upon demand, with a maximum weight of 16kg.

Lockable Wheelie Bins – Easy to use wheelie bins are great for workshop locations and we can provide these free of charge when you work with us on a shredding contract.

Shredding Cabinets – Ideal for high security, lockable cabinets can only be opened by the nominated key holder, so once confidential information is posted through the slot, it can’t be retrieved by an unauthorised person.

At Box-it North Midlands we offer a comprehensive business shredding service. If you would like to take advantage of this service, or you would like to enhance the service through a purchase of any of the shredding consumables discussed in this article, please contact our friendly customer service team on 01283 815748 and we’ll be happy to discuss the specifics of your operation and needs.