Protecting Your Company from Accidental Document Damage

Every company has to work out ways in which to deal with paper waste and how to store old documents that are ready for the archives. Sometimes, especially in the medical and legal sectors, there is a requirement for authentic copies of paper documents to be held for a long period of time. However, there is always a risk that this documentation can cause a problem that is often overlooked. That problem is how vast quantities of paper documents could be at risk of theft, of being lost, or of being accidentally damaged in fire, flood or other event.

In terms of data protection laws, and to ensure the smooth running of a business, keeping your paper documents safe from those potential occurrences should be made a priority as early as possible into the running of a business. Every business holds on to documents that contain sensitive and personal information about customers, employees and suppliers. If those documents get into the wrong hands, or are lost or damaged it can cause huge embarrassment to your brand, or even prosecution for your company.

There are a couple of things that Box-it North Midlands can help your business with in order to protect your physical business documentation. We believe we have the skills, personnel and experience in place to make a real difference to the successful running of your business. The following are just two of our services that, if implemented, can improve the efficiencies of your staff, help to cut costs, rejuvenate tired office space that is being overused for storage alone, and smooth administrative processes throughout the entire organisation.

Confidential Shredding Service – Our confidential shredding service can be conducted at regular intervals, collecting all of your paper waste directly from your place of work. Our team will then transport it to a secure location close by and shred all the documents, under the view of CCTV systems, within 24-hours of being collected. Not only that, but all of your shredded waste will be sent on to be used within recycling projects that create new paper-based products.

Document Management and Storage – Once you have changed the culture of your company in terms of ridding the office space of paper waste through regular shredding, you can decide on how to manage those documents that you wish to keep and store. Our local storage solutions are secure and provide you that peace of mind that your important business documents are not going to be lost in the maelstrom of the back office storage cupboard, accidentally misplaced, stolen or damaged. This protects your company in terms of data protection laws and ensures smooth processes of everyday business administration.

If you would like to find out more about both our Document Storage and Management or the Confidential Shredding services for business, contact the Box-it North Midlands team today. We believe in our ability to help you maximise the efficiencies of your business and help change the culture of a business to become more environmentally aware.