The Benefits of Personal and Domestic Shredding

You may be aware of the confidential shredding service that Box-it offers to commercial clients, but did you know that the service is also available to domestic clients as well? The shredding of paper waste, concerning documents and information that may contain sensitive, personal or financial data, is as important to an individual domestic client in some cases, as it is for a large company with multiple employees, products and services.

In the case of domestic clients we can provide shredding consumable to make life easier. For example, shredding sacks can be provided, as well as boxes, that allow for sturdy and safe collection of paper waste that you wish to dispose of in a secure way. Your local Box-it depot can then receive your drop off of waste, ready for our experts to shred on your behalf.

What are the reasons that a domestic client would wish to use the Box-it confidential shredding service?

Protect Against ID Fraud – One of the major reasons that businesses require our confidential shredding services is for security purposes, and the same can be said of domestic clients with a pile of documents and papers that they need to dispose of. If you have paper that contains personal information, sensitive data and financials we can provide you peace of mind that no one can steal your information and use it for the purposes of fraud.

Vast Quantities of Paper Waste – For those working from home (and sometimes just from regular post and other paper usage) it can sneak up on you the sheer amount of paper waste that can be built up over time. If you have a vast quantity of paper waste and you’re unsure which sections might contain confidential information the best policy could be to shred all, utilising the expert Box-it service.

Value for Money – Although you will pay for a service, such as our confidential shredding service, when compared to the cost of shredding your own documents at home it makes financial sense to use Box-it. It negates the upfront cost associated with purchasing a domestic shredder and helps you utilise the space that would entail for better functions.

At Box-it North Midlands we completely understand that there are many different reasons why you might require a shredding service. There are often both commercial and domestic clients that come to us wondering about the best way to securely and safely dispose of paper waste. Our team can confidentially shred paper that may contain sensitive, personal and financial information about you or your business, providing shredding sacks and cabinets as a way of securing waste prior to us collecting your paper waste to shred at a secure location. To find out more information, please call our friendly customer service team today and they will be happy to offer advice and guidance on the correct course of action regarding the disposal of your paper waste.