Box-it North Midlands – ISO Standards for Information Security

At Box-it North Midlands we are dealing with sensitive information on a daily basis. Our customers provide us with vast quantities of documents to be stored both digitally and physically. Dealing with such a large quantity of data is an important responsibility, and with that in mind we knew we had to acquire the relevant accreditation to demonstrate to our clients that they can trust us. That is where our compliance to ISO:27001 comes into play.

We believe that this accreditation demonstrates how clearly we have designed an approach that offers best practice when handling and storing all information on behalf of our customers. If you are wondering about the benefits of ISO:27001 accreditation, let’s take you through them.

The first benefit is that it teaches how to look after and safeguard data. All of the systems used at Box-it North Midlands meet high international standards of data security. If we are holding your data on your behalf, you can be sure that it is in safe hands.

The accreditation also demonstrates that we are doing everything in our power to prevent cyber attacks and to be in the best position in the worst-case scenario. If a data breach does take place, our processes help to reduce the potential costs.

All of our accreditations and processes are developed and worked on continuously. We believe in improving our standards and the service that we provide to you.

For more information about ISO:27001 and how it affects the service that Box-it North Midlands provides our clients, contact us today.