Freeing Up Your Office Space with Document Management

Businesses hold onto a huge number of documents throughout their daily transactions, everything from invoices, to ordering forms, to minutes from meetings. A document can be defined by anything that is recorded as an official note involving business activity, this includes emails, faxes, client details, and isn’t limited to paper documents.

Storing these documents, whether through physical or digital means, can use up large amounts of space, that could have been utilised for other business needs. Storage on computer servers is precious, and space in a building is even more so. It is more cost effective to have your documents stored elsewhere, by a company whose job it is to catalogue each file, and upload an electronic version onto a server that you and your employees can access at the click of the proverbial button. This would free up valuable office space, which is often limited, especially in smaller businesses, and can pose a health and safety violation if the documents were not stored correctly, and were to be in the path of your workers.

Managing your documents with an external document management system would also keep them more secure. These companies usually have 24-hour surveillance, and each document file they hold is recorded, and has its own barcode. The likelihood of a hardcopy of a document going missing is very low, and you’ll always have an electronic copy in the server, should the need for it arise at any point during a business day or during a client interaction.