Fly-Tipping of Shredded Documents in North Staffordshire

In recent months in North Staffordshire there has been a spate of fly-tipping offences involving, quite often, vast quantities of shredded paper. Illegal waste disposal has become a blight in the area, with criminal gangs thought to be looking at easier ways to make money, at less risk. Local authorities are working hard in terms of how to tackle this current problem and prosecute those responsible, but there is another issue at hand.

What businesses may not realise is that if the company they use to dispose of their waste actually fly-tips it, they, the original business are still legally responsible for it. Consider that fact in terms of shredded documentation with confidential content from a business and you are putting the business at risk of prosecution. In addition, potentially sensitive, often personal information is being left on the side of the road, or a muddy field at the back of a building site.

Choosing the right company to work with when it comes to your shredding needs should come down to reputation and trust. At Box-It North Midlands we take great pride in our shredding service, providing fully audited off-site shredding facilities. Our customers have peace of mind that their documents, which may contain sensitive data are being securely disposed of, without having to worry that the shredded information may get into the wrong hands. If you’d like to understand more about our secure process, including the recycling of shredded paper documents, call us today.