Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly do you do?
A. The basis of our business is secure document storage and confidential shredding. We can provide bespoke solutions for any customer including next day retrievals, scanning, and archive cataloguing.

Q. What do you mean by next day retrievals?
A. If you have boxes in our storage units we can deliver back to your office any you need on the following day. If your business requires we can also do same day retrievals within an agreed timescale.

Q. Can we have just our shredding carried out by you?
A. Of course. We offer two types of shredding service. For a regular service, we can supply you with lockable secure cabinets for your office which we will empty and shred on an agreed schedule. For one-off jobs, when you are having a clear out we can supply sacks for you to fill. We will then collect and shred in our highly secure unit. In both cases we will supply a Certificate of Destruction. We can also supply lockable wheelie bins with a document slot which are sometimes more suited to a Clients Working Environment e.g. workshops, distribution centres.

Q. How can I be sure that my documents are being transported and stored securely?
A. By far, the best way to reassure yourself is to call in and see us for a coffee! However not everyone has time for that, so if you browse the website you will see photos of our location and of us. We are situated away from main roads on a private, gated site – and we live here too. Most of us working here are family members and everyone has cleared a DBS check. Our buildings are in a fenced compound and have extensive fire and intruder prevention measures. It is a very safe place with no flood risk. Our vehicles are secure and we use satellite tracking and recording to monitor all movements.

Q. How do you know where my boxes are?
A. We use a barcoding system allied to some heavyweight software which allows us to track every box. Essentially from the moment it leaves you, we scan and record every movement with a time and date stamp. Each box has an individual barcode as does each shelf location. If the box moves, then it is scanned into the new location e.g. after being out to your office and back again. Our staff are well trained which is very important but are conscientious which is vital.

Q. My files only need to be kept for a certain amount of time. How would that work?
A. Pretty simply really. When the boxes come into our store we will ask you for a review date for each box. When that date arrives we will alert you and then await your instructions. You then decide if you wish to retain the box for a longer period or have the contents shredded. In most cases the contents are shredded if the documents have no further useful life.

Q. I have a lot of boxes in our back office and have lost track of what is in them due to staff changes and an office move. Is there anything you can do to help?
A. Yes, we have a cataloguing service. We can go through your archive box by box and tell you what is in there to your specification. It can be simply ‘Files relating to Mr John Smith’ or ‘Mr John Smith – Tax Files’. We do find things in boxes that people have forgotten about, office Christmas decorations for instance!

Q. We are moving office. Can you provide boxes in which we can pack our paperwork?
A. Yes, we have three different box sizes which you can have a look at on our consumables page. The middle one (Size 2) is the normal archiving standard and readily available. The other sizes are special order only and rarely used nowadays. But before you do, have you thought that this might be the ideal time to review your archiving? Go through it, decide what you need to keep and have the remainder shredded. We are always happy to advise and quote for jobs big and small.

Q. I’ve taken some advice and been told to ask about ‘Exit Fees’ –  what are they?
A. The dreaded exit fee! Let me explain with an example. You have 1000 boxes in our store and wish to move to another supplier for whatever reason. To get those boxes off the shelves, onto pallets and ready for collection requires time and effort. That is all we charge for and it will be a figure agreed at the start of our contract. What we don’t do is have a ‘penalty’ charge to more or less make it too expensive to move. Quite frankly if you want to move to another supplier then we haven’t done a good enough job.

Q. I’m with another supplier and my ‘Exit Fee’ is really high. I’m trapped!
A. Not necessarily. Depending on how many boxes you have and how long you can commit for we may be able to offer a period of free storage to off-set the move. Talk to us before doing anything else. We know the industry inside out.

Q. How long are contracts? Is there a minimum term?
A. Good question. Some shredding customers have no contract at all. We just drop sacks off when required and pick them up when full. Where we have contracts each one is different. Some have minimum terms, some don’t. For example, if we were offering a period of free storage to off-set the cost of leaving another provider then we would obviously need to agree a minimum period. Likewise, for shredding if we are providing free cabinets then a minimum contract of some sort would apply. The key word in all contracts is ‘agree’ so we talk it over and then put something in place we both are comfortable with.

Q. I’m interested in talking to you but don’t want a heavy sales pitch?
A. You won’t get one. Promise! Here are the steps: Give us a call, have an initial chat, have a think. If you like us, call back and chat again. If you still like us we can meet and talk about how our business can help yours. After that if you ask we will provide a quote. Then we talk again when it suits you. Hopefully at some point you decide to become a client but if you don’t that’s fine. We will still be friends!

Q. Okay, last question. Are there any hidden charges?
A. None. Guaranteed. Our pricing on a quote is crystal clear and we keep it very simple. No hidden charges and clear invoicing.