Omnidox Document Manager

Omnidox Document Manager (ODM) is a secure web based repository for storing, viewing and sharing digital documents from any location with internet access.

ODM is the newest addition to our highly acclaimed ‘Omnidox’ family and has been specifically developed as a user friendly, cost-effective document management solution for the SME sector, allowing these customers to reap the benefits previously afforded to larger organisations with big budgets.

With GDPR coming in to force on 25th May 2018 ODM is allowing companies to revisit their digital transformation plans without fear of having to spend thousands of pounds they cannot afford.

ODM has already proven to be a popular addition to Box-it’s catalogue of products & services and provides another strand of document management that we are excited that our SME customers will benefit from.

Omnidox Document Manager is a secure, fully maintained system and significantly, is hosted in the UK.  As an https data encrypted platform, you have the reassurance that your digital content is being stored in a secure Cloud based repository, that is routinely backed-up and maintained by Box-it.

Find out more about GDPR at the Information Commisioners Office website or by giving us a call on 01283 815748

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